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5 Infiniti Options Every Buyer Should Choose

As you are searching for your next vehicle, manufacturers are continually coming up with new technology to entice you. When you consider your next INFINITI, check out these five options that not only add to the comfort of your trip but can help reduce your stress as well.

Direct Adaptive Steering

Have you ever wanted to personalize the way a car felt in your hands? With INFINITI’s DirectAdaptive Steering system, you can do just that. Choose a mode, and the car will remember your settings every time you get behind the wheel. Beyond personalization, this sedan also takes less effort to drive. Gone are the days of muscling your car around turns. In standard mode, the vehicle only needs light guidance from the driver. If you choose the sport mode, you can speed up your steering for more responsiveness, even on winding roads.

High Beam Assist

By adding this feature, you won’t have to worry about turning your high beams on and off: the car will do it for you. There are built-in sensors will automatically turn on your high beams if it’s dark out and there aren’t any other cars around. It will also turn your high beams off if there are other cars in the area, so you don’t blind other drivers.

Around View Monitor

The around view monitor acts as a second set of eyes when you’re behind the wheel. These cameras are on both the front and rear of the vehicles. There is also an additional camera on each side of the car. When the system is turned on, it gives you an aerial view of your car, so you can see around your entire vehicle without taking your eyes off the road.

This image is displayed on your dashboard, so you don’t even have to move your head and can stay focused on the road. The monitor gives you a sense of space as you back up and allows you to see in the car’s blind spots so you can avoid accidents.

Intelligent All-Wheel Drive

Choosing a vehicle with intelligent all-wheel-drive gives you an automatic advantage when the weather decides to change in an instant. This feature monitors your wheels’ RPMs. If your car is sliding or struggling to gain traction, the vehicle adapts by sending more power to the front wheels, which will help you avoid getting stuck or getting in an accident. When the system is not needed, it will automatically restore power to the rear wheels.

Lane Departure Prevention with Active Lane Control

This system is a must whether you live in a highly traveled urban area or a more relaxed country setting. This is a two-part system. First, you get the traditional warning when your car leaves the lane. Then, if you don’t correct it, the car automatically applies the brakes to keep you in one lane.

Do these options have you dreaming of your next INFINITI? Stop by and see us at INFINITI of Marin today, we will find you the perfect vehicle with the options you need.


5 Infiniti Options Every Buyer Should Choose - INFINITI of Marin

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