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Keep Your Car Driving Smoothly By Monitoring These 4 Things

Keeping up with your INFINITI’s maintenance will not only reduce the number of repairs you will be required to make but will also extend the life of your vehicle. To make sure that your car is operating in tip-top shape, you should always monitor and stay on top of the four items listed below.

Tire Pressure

Maintaining your tire pressure will not only help your tires last longer, but will also to ensure your safety on the road. Overinflating your tires can cause the tread on the middle of the tire to wear the faster, while underinflation can cause the edges to wear out faster. Under or overinflated tires also put you at higher risk for tire blowouts or other issues that can cause loss of control of your vehicle. You should check your tire pressure at least every two weeks.

Oil Level

Oil is the lifeblood of your vehicle and keeps your engine running smoothly. Over time, dirt on the cylinders and small bits of metal that come loose in the engine will contaminant your car’s oil and make it work less effectively. Additionally, as the oil heats up, it will thicken, causing clogging and engine issues. Most drivers will leave oil checking to the pros by obtaining regular oil changes. During your oil change, the dealership’s mechanic will the remove old oil and replace it with clean fluid. He or she will also make sure to use the right blend for your engine.

Windshield Wiper Fluid

Failing to keep your windshield wiper fluid filled can lead to a dangerous situation. Whether your car picks up dirt and debris from the road or driving through mud, snow, or ice, your windshield will become caked with debris, significantly reducing your visibility. When this happens, you will rely on your windshield wiper fluid to help clean your windshield and restore your visibility in a matter of moments. If you’re out of windshield wiper fluid, you could end up in an accident.

Your Vehicle Lights

Your vehicle is equipped with many lights, and all of them serve a purpose for the operation and protection of your vehicle. Unfortunately, these lights can go out for any number of reasons. Some bulbs burn out quickly, or some may become disconnected from their wiring.

These lights will often go out without you knowing it, but driving without your headlights or blinkers, for example, can pose a danger since other drivers might not be able to see your car or won’t be notified if you’re changing lanes. If you notice any lights on your vehicle are out or are dim or flickering, give all of your lights a quick check and take your vehicle to the dealer if you notice any are not working properly.

Checking the above items is important to ensure your vehicle will continue running smoothly and will guarantee you and your passengers’ safety when you drive. If you notice any problems, bring your vehicle into the dealership to have them checked out.

Image via Flickr by Kuryaba licensed under CC BY 2.0


Keep Your Car Driving Smoothly By Monitoring These 4 Things - INFINITI of Marin

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