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5 Pet Friendly Spots in the Santa Rosa Area

Spending some time with your pet is an important part of the bonding process and can lift your mood. Luckily, there are many pet-friendly places to take your furry friend where you both can enjoy some exercise and spend some quality time together in the Santa Rosa area.

Dog Parks

There are many parks that are pet-friendly in the Santa Rosa, and a few are designed as social meeting places for your furry friends. These parks have amenities like pet-friendly trails, enclosed leashless play areas, and areas for you to relax and unwind. A few area favorites include Final Dog Park, Deturk Round Barn Park, and A Place to Play.

Pet-Friendly Wineries

Enjoying some amazing wine pairings and some beautiful scenery is that much better when you have your best friend with you. The pet policy at wineries varies. Most that serve food will allow you to have your pet outside or on the winery grounds. Others that only serve wine will often let you bring your furry friend in the building. Some pet-friendly wineries you might want to check out are Image Estate Winery, Mutt Lynch Winery, and Wilson of Dry Creek.

Bow Wow Friendly Breweries

Wineries are not the only places to enjoy a few drinks with your pooch. You can also stop by many of the Santa Rosa-area breweries to grab a pint with your favorite pup. Although your dog should always be on a leash, they are welcome at any brewery where food is not served on the premises. Check out PlowBrewing Company, Bear Republic Brewing Company, and 2 Tread Brewing Company with your pooch.

Pet-Friendly Restaurants

Santa Rosa is one of the most pet-friendly areas with 39 restaurants that allow you to bring your pet to dine with you. While some offer outdoor eating options on patios and terraces that allow pets, there are also some restaurants that will accommodate your pet indoors. Some even offer special dishes for your famished pet. Some restaurants to put on your list include Sprenger’s Taproom, Crepevine, and Emily’s Kitchen.

Hotels That Accommodate Pets

Whether you want to enjoy a weeklong staycation in the city of Santa Rosa or just want to get out of the house for a night, finding accommodations for your beloved pet is of vital importance. Luckily there are many hotels that will allow your pet to accompany you. Some will do this free of charge, but others may require a fee or a pet deposit. Be sure to ask about the pet rules at each location as they can vary from place to place. Some of the Santa Rosa hotels that allow pets include the Country Inn, Best Western Plus Garden Inn, and Santa Rosa Travelodge.

The Santa Rosa area is the perfect place for both you and your lovable pet. Whether you want to get some exercise, grab a quick bite to eat, or even stay overnight, you can find a pet-friendly place in the are.

Image via Flickr by MArkScottAustinTX licensed under CC BY 2.0


5 Pet Friendly Spots in the Santa Rosa Area - INFINITI of Marin

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